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The final round of the French Cup for 1/8th scale was held on the Amiens track, which while is not technical is very demanding for engines with 70% max power. The National title was already won by Ramella Pairin in the 4th round but in the Elite class Christophe Louis and Anthony Abisset were still in with a chance of taking the title. In the National qualifications it was Maxime Tenet, Stéphane Bertrand and Faisal Affejee taking the top three places. In the Elite class it wasn’t until the 3rd round of qualifying when Richard Volta, back after a one year break, set the pole position time. For other drivers the 3rd round was also quickest at temperatures improved, with Romain Picard taking second place, followed by Anthony Abisset and Christophe Louis who were only 0.3 seconds apart.

In the National final, Vincent Nousse and Stéphane Bertrand were the first retirements with technical problems while the fight for victory played out between Maxime Tenet and Faisal Affejee carried on for the full 30 minutes of the race. Tenet would win ahead of Affejee with Christophe Varniere in 3rd.

In the Elite final Richard Volta took an unchallenged victory ahead of Anthony Abisset who needed to win to be champion. Christophe Louis placed was in 3rd behind Anthony and didn’t want to take any risks to be champion but after 10 minutes of running a technical problem forced Christopher to stop for 15 minutes. The suspense for the Championship was high but Richard Volta was impossible to catch up and so Abisset finished in 2nd ahead of Thomas Eytard in 3rd place.

The 2012 championship is completed and Christophe Louis has won the title to add to his vice champion title from this year’s European B Championships.

Thanks to Christophe Louis for the report.

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