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Last week in Hong Kong, Gen Ace, Team C, Sky RC & Tenshock Motor Hosted a Chinese manufacturer Shootout in the newest indoor facilities called Lali Warehouse. This world class indoor RC track has state of the art facilities such as water sprinkler built into the ceiling, AC room for the pits and a VIP rest area. Lali Warehouse has only been open for 2 months and so this race was considered the grand opening race for them. Many drivers came from mainland China & Taiwan also made the trip to attend this race. Due to the popular 1/8th E- Buggy & 1/10 4×4 Short Course classes, the Event only focussed on these 2. With a total of just about 90 entries in only 2 classes it this one of the biggest off road races in Hong Kong since the early 90s.

In 1/8th E-buggy, the first qualifier was the most intense qualifier to watch for the day. The battle between Serpent’s driver Takchee Cheng & HN’s driver Felix Law. Both drivers switched position a dozen times during the 8min qualifier. Both driver had a fast car to take the TQ, but during to a small accident with traffic in the final lap Felix lost time, Takchee was able set the fastest time of 17 laps 8:22.550, while Felix Law had a time of 17 laps 8:22.744; only .194 apart. With the track condition getting worse, the overall time wasn’t able to match the 1st qualifier, this made Takchee & Felix the only drivers to step into the 17 laps.

The 1st 1/8 E-buggy A main, The battle between Takchee & Felix intensified. The 2 were closely matched, but a small mistake from Takchee cost him the lead, Felix Law took advantage & lead the race. Takchee was able to recover from the mistake & catch up to Felix, but every time he got close, he made a mistake & fell back, this gave Felix a comfortable 1st place finish with Takchee 2nd & the Durango Chinese driver Le Hua Lin finish 3rd.

The 2nd E-buggy A main, Takchee took advantage of the start & never looked back while Felix Law got caught up in the big accident & fell back to 10th place. Felix Law worked his way up with a strong pace, by the end of the race, Felix Law was able to finish 2nd with 8 sec behind Takchee while Team C driver Chan Chong Tsuen finished 3nd.

The 3rd E-buggy A main, The decider of the final results come down to this, both Takchee & Felix Law had a 1st & 2nd Finish, In the first 2 min of the race, Takchee & Felix switched positions, the crowd are going crazy, then Felix Law made a mistake at the whoop section of the track & flipped over, that one mistake decided the winner to be Takchee, once Felix fell to the back of the pack only to finish 4th. Chan Chong Tsuen finish 2nd & Fai Ho finish 3rd. The overall finish order Takchee Cheng TQ & 1st, Felix Law 2nd, Chan Chong Tsuen 3rd.

In 4×4 Short Course, It was a battle Between 2 local Hot shot Marco Law & Frankie Tang both driving the Losi SCT-E. Frankie set the first TQ with a 16 laps 8:23.028, the only one with a 16 laps in the first qualifier. Marco Law then set a fast time of a 16 laps also in the 2nd qualifier, but it was still 3 second short from the TQ. In the final round of the qualifying Traxxas driver Felix Law from the USA was able to step up his game & lead the race with a 4 sec over TQ, but Felix’s Traxxas slash broke a shock end on the final lap & lost the TQ while Marco Law was able to better his run just enough to take the TQ away from Frankie.

The 1st SC A main, Marco Law & Frankie continued fighting for position, both drivers had an intense battle in the beginning, but Marco was a little more consistent & stayed in front of the pack while Frankie lost his rhythm & fell back. Meanwhile, 2nd & 3rd pace battle between Team C’s driver Tommy & Traxxas Driver Felix Law switching position every corner. With one big mistake from Felix in the double gave Tommy the second place finish & Marco the win in the 1st A final.

The 2nd SC A main, Felix Law was able to take advantage of the rough start & take the lead, while Marco drop to 4th place in the beginning. Felix Law continued the lead without problem the entire race & won the 2nd A final, Marco fought his way though traffic & finished 6 sec behind Felix.

The 3rd SC A main, the final battle between Marco Law & Felix Law, Losi vs Traxxas, it was intense, both driver only within an eye sight apart, Marco continued his consistent pace while Felix made a few mistake, with 2 laps to go, Felix Law’s Traxxas once again broke the same shock end just like in qualifying & DNF while Marco took the win. The final result was Marco Law with TQ & 1st, Felix Law 2nd, Tommy 3rd.

Source: Hobby Crap [hobbycrap.com]

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