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So.... I was at FEST last weekend and didn't spend much time with the kids who were back home. So yesterday I spent the whole day with my 2 yr old daughter. One of our favorite daddy/daughter things to do is to go car hunting. Yes, she actually has fun playing in all the toy aisles and going to Target after Target, Wally after Wally. We do lunch and so forth. Some get-away-from-things time.

Any who, we were out and about going to store after store and I kept thinking I was getting lucky finding Chevy THunder until I realized at about the fourth store that almost every Target store in my area got the same two cars in their MIXTURE boxes - the 68 Camaro and the 70 Monte. I assumed these were in the mixture boxes as their was only one at each store and it seemed the remaining cars were the same each time. Left overs from previous releases.

I guess this new method of distribution is offering some benefit to someone??? Not sure what it is. I liked it better when they released the sets all together. That methodology is the Mattel way of thinking. Just doesn't fly with me. The odds of finding not only the Chevy Thunder but the all important 55 Chevy is even worse now. Guess I will just have to suck it up and buy a case.

FYI Target has reduced the JL to two pegs in my area whereas thy used to have 4-6. Jada on the other hand has increased to almost 12 in most stores and they are selling wildly. No more HWs preferred here anymore but HWs has the pegs filled taking up almost (3/4) of one side of the aisle. Matchbox still has about 12 pegs and shelf space but the new line of FREAK cars is not selling well - and I have seen only two Checker cabs this year.

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