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Well thing is Mike just WISHES he could place a coke santa or marvel spiderman on a model T half as good I could... Now that's something to brag about lol

And I wish I could draw flames half as good as he can! So I was just giving him some guff :)

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This has been a fun thread to read. I can't remember if these were listed..................
GD4EVR-59 Caddy
BOO-Pez Halloween bug

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Universal Monsters 2:
Shelby Cobra Daytona - "BLKLGUN"
Hispano Suiza - "DRACUL"
and not a license plate, but the Bugaboo has "WOLF WHEELS" on the tires :thumbsup:
that Bugaboo sitting under the car cover remonds me of a Tribble :p

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3 Stooges Curly-33 Willy's-A-K-70

3 Stooges Larry-Flathead Flyer-O-K-67

3 Stooges Moe-41 Willy's-B-K-68

Coke Hummer H2-REAL

Lincoln Futura-JULY4



2000 Ford Mustang-LOGAN

Brickyard 400 Support Vehicles- Varies-Authentic Safety Vehicle Tags and numbers used

VW Samba Bus- DoctorSEUSS

VW Samba Bus-COKE

50's VW Beetle-COKE

Coke Christmas '50s 2004Beetle-2004

Coke 33 Ford Delivery-AX 6583

Coke Delivery r1 76 Chevy Van-BHD 290

Coke Delivery r1 59 El Camino-7C4-622

Coke Delivery r1 55 Ford Panel-FC83-65

Coke Delivery r1 98 GMC Van- XGY 123

Coke Delivery r1 VW Type 2 Pickup-AZ-9935

Coke Intl. 40 Ford Delivery-10-05-69

Coke Intl. 55 Ford Panel-IW- 03 1302

Coke Intl. 62 Chevy Bel Air- 18-81 RP

Coke Intl. 2000 VW Beetle- 5I-00V6

Coke Intl. Sprite 98 GMC Van-01760

Coke Intl. 50's VW Beetle-CP 88-7L

Coke OBM 50's VW Beetle-HOHOHO

Coke Toys R Us Americana 50's VW Beetle-COKE

Dans Diecast,VW Samba Bus-DANSVW

Empi Christmas 2001VW Samba Bus-EMPI

Empi Inch Pincher,VW Bus-EMPI

EMPI Inch Pincher 2000 VW Beetle-EMPI

Flower,50's VW Beetle- LUVBUG

Flower,VW Samba Bus-FLWRPWR

Flower Power,VW Type 2 Pickup-FLWRPWR

Frito Lay Cheetos,Dodge Viper-CHESTER

Grateful Dead,50's VW Beetle-DANCN

Grateful Dead,59 Cadillac-GD4EVR

Grateful Dead,VW Samba Bus-PLAYDEAD

Hippie Bus -VW Bus-PEACE2U

Hippie Bus - Sun & Moon,VW Bus-FAROUT

Hot August Nights 2002,49 Mercury-HAN

Import Heat Blue 01 Honda Civic-CUL8R

Import heat Yellow Custom Acura Integra-2QWIK4U

Indy or Bus, VW Samba Bus-500 FAN

Indy Racing League Support Vehicles- Varies -Authentic Safety Vehicle Tags and numbers used.

Kentucky Derby 2001,VW Bus- KD127

Kentucky Derby 2002, 69 Camaro- KD128

Kustomized Wild Kat- MY KITT

Lightning Fest 2003 59 Cadillac- LF 2003

Lightning Fest 2003 Marvel r1 Spiderman #316- VENOM

Marvel r3 Spiderman #39 VW Samba Bus- 39AUG

IMarvel TRU Excl. Spiderman Roadrunner- 259 DEC

Marvel Yesterday/Today Amazing Fantasy #15 1929 Crew Cab- AF81562

Monopoly 70th Anniv. 32 Ford- 70YRS

Monopoly r3 Dice/Money 32 Ford- DBL6S

Monopoly r3 Mediterranean Ave. 75 Camaro- LTB EA02

Mooneyes 50's VW Beetle- A801KY

Mooneyes Wild Kat- MOON IZ

Mooneyes VW Bus- MOON

Newsflash #38 Exclusive - Coke 68 Pontiac GTO- NF 38GTO

Newsflash #38 Exclusive - Coke VW Samba Bus- NF 3803 VW

Patriotic (Amer Glory?) '71 Dodge Challenger- OLD GLORY

Patriotic (Amer Glory?) 1971 Dodge Demon- LIBERT

Patriotic (Amer Glory?) 1971 Pontiac GTO- PATRIOT

PEZ 2004 Psychedelic 50's VW Beetle- CANDY

PEZ 50th VW Samba Bus- PEZ50

PEZ Bride 69 Camaro- HERS

PEZ Groom 69 Camaro- HIS

PEZ Halloween 50's VW Beetle- BOO

Projects in Progress 01 Honda Civic- MY CIVIC

Projects in Progress, 65 Chevelle Wagon- JCK G03

Speed Racer - Racer X VW Bus- RACE RX

Speed Racer VW Bus- SPEED

Surf Rods r? - Redondo Gonzo's 59 El Camino- GONZO'S

Surf Rods r3 Cowabunga Boys, Meatwagon- MOO

Surf Rods r5 - Hawaiian Bunch 57 Chevy BelAir- BS

Surf Rods r5 - Supremes VW Thing- SUPRM

Surfrods r4 Beach Queens 65 Chevy Cobra- ROYALT

VW Beetles - Aqua Surf 50's VW Beetle- HNG10

VW Beetles - Flamed 50's VW Beetle- IWM I30

VW Beetles - Gold 50's VW Beetle- 3-1302

VW Beetles - Orange 50's VW Beetle- ALB231

VW Beetles - Polizei 50's VW Beetle- PD 88-42

VW Beetles - Rally 50's VW Beetle- RAL 13

VW Beetles r2 - Getting Buggy, 50's VW Beetle- Tampo

VW Beetles r2 - Hippie 50's VW Beetle- EJM1082

VW Beetles r2 - Kustom Hot Rod 50's VW Beetle- 1Q-YTOR

VW Beetles r2 - Mexican Taxi 50's VW Beetle- ALY77AK

VW Beetles r2 - Pizza Delivery 50's VW Beetle-TM

VW Beetles r2 - Tuner 50's VW Beetle- LIL BLUE

Keep'em Coming! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Time to add some more...
My mom's a big norman rockwell fan btw
Rockwell 32 ford - 8AM-831 (8=B, BAM are moms intials, her bday is aug 31st)
Rockwell VW Beetle cheerleader - 3I8-808 (Flip it upside down, it reads 'Bobbie', moms nickname)

Not sure if these even went through to production, but it's how the art went out. Last of rpm's license plates on JL's...

Atomic Punk
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Wonder what 0405MR means. It is on 3 of the 5 Big Boats

I mentioned this Ford GT earlier. Here is a pic.

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Muscle Car USA(I think) 10-pack cars
Ford GT-0705MR

Classic Gold(once again, I think) Ford GT, yellow w/ double black stripes-0405MR

Could the ones on the GTs be dates?
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