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Hey boys and girls. Just a quick invite to head over to the custom board and check out the new " KUSTOM KONTEST" ( thus the KK! :thumbsup: ) Round 1!

This is open to any and all, and is FREE and easy. Rules are posted under the "Official KK Kustom Kontest Rules" thread. Someone please post the link if you will, I have no idea how.

The concept is easy...We all start with the same JL car, spend a few weeks working out the ideas and building them, them we post pics in an upcoming thread and every one will vote.

First, second and third place, as decided by the boards votes, will receive prize packages worth THOUSANDS! :tongue:

Ok...HUNDREDS! :rolleyes:

OK, ok....at least there will be boxes of stuff mailed to each winner. :freak:

Check it out everyone, and join the fun. You have plenty of time! No experience necessary!
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