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Hi again!

Got a new picture and video.

First, the pic;

Here's the entire group with the new Standard.

It's a hand painted Goblin banner top that was drilled out in the back to accept the 1/16" Diameter Iron rod "Flag Pole".

Symbolically, on this two colour fabric banner (It's sewn together down the middle) is the image of Hashut, the Chaos Dwarf Bull God, with lightning bolts coming out from his nose. The lightning is touching the fire exiting the two crossed Blunderbuss rifles, thus blessing the guns with all the powerfull forces from Hashut himself.

The white dots and yellow slashed denote the unit.

Now the video :

This little Stop-Motion video combines both the marching of a unit of Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss Warriors with some shooting. Again, sound was added in the same "Deaf" fashion as the prievious CD BB video also on my channel.

I delibertly slowed down their initial movement to give it a little bit of a "Jerky" apperiance as they are marching, they would be concentrating on their movements. The gun fire effect is at my normal preffered speed.

The song, entitled "Song of Prince Oleg", is one of the epochal works of the great Alexander Pushkin. I picked this music because I believe that the Chaos Dwarfs are simular to the Russians and the Good Dwarfs would be simular to Vikings. Mixed into the verses of the song are comic millitary commands. English words are as follows;

Wise Oleg to the war hath gone again
The Khozars have awakened his ire.
To rapine and raid the hamlet, city and plain
He gives over to holocast and fire.

So louder music play
And prais the victory.
We beat the crafty foes
And they retreated, yes, O YES!
Then for our people,
For our beloved country
We should proclaim
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

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