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Hi gang!

I know a lot of you aren't familliar with the game, but I just finished painting these 10 little guys and www.chaos-dwarfs.com is giving me the good ol' 404 error tonight. I'm just itching to display my conversion/paint job somewhere on the web, so here it is.

This is the first group of 10 Blunderbuss Units that I finished painting. All of these warriors were converted from the Battle of Skull Pass Dwarf Thunderers (Good Guys) into Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss Warriors (Bad Guys). I replaced their viking helmets with tall hats made from thumb tacks and changed their pistols into blunderbusses by glueing Dwarf Ranger shields onto the ends of their muskets.

The Command Group of three. The Musician, General and Standard Bearer. I haven't created a standard for this group yet. The Musician's instrument has been changed using a Chaos Warrior's horn and the Champion's second pistol hand has been replaced with a steel skeletal hand from a Tomb King. The Standardbearer also has a new flagpole, but I have yet to create a banner for him. (The last step) The flagbearer is also painted in a cammaflague colour scheme that I decided against painting the other warriors.

The champion of the group. The ram's head on his tall hat is an optional skull from the Tomb Kings Army. The kit supplied figure has a pistol in each hand, but since the Blunderbuss is suppose to be a larger gun, I decided to remove the gun in his extended arm and replace it with a chrome skeletal hand taken from a Tomb King warrior kit.

A shot of the group from an angle. Note the backdrop. The Chaos Dwarfs are suppose to live in a Volcano land. For the photograph, I used the terrain I built for a Dwarf Mine with a flurescent orange piece of paper as a backdrop.

Anyway, these figures are tiny and that makes painting a little more difficult. ThanX for looking and I hope you enjoy!:wave:

P.S. Here's the kit supplied crew of Thunderers for a comparison so you can see the conversion work I did on these Blunderbuss Crew. (I also painted these guys.)

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