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Guys a couple of months back, Chad started a purchase on the 1/4 scale I was selling.. figuring he lived here in Omaha and knowing where at one time he lived... I gave him the Truck and waited on payment.

Well guess what, he sold it on Ebay.. Listed it on a couple of Sites including RCZone under the name of oldschoolrc or something like that...

Took threats to get part of the payment from him, now he is still $130 in the whole to me..

Best part is, he moved and his Father is not cooperating in getting me his address... or a phone # to contact him.

Now for the fun, The Omaha Police department has been contacted as well as Ebay and the Attorney Generals office of Nebraska in regards to this... We found out by his selling the truck he has committed Theft and the value can warrent him some jail time...

Funny thing is he does not care, and infact has the guts to Chew me out for doing all of this...

I am now currently in contact with AOL, to have his service removed as well as the Credit Card Company he used to sell the Truck on Ebay with.. Next thing is Catching him and his girlfreind.... I have turned in both of their license plate #'s to the authorities... And I may be putting a lein on his car untill he has paid his dept or
is arrested...

If anyone Else has Dealings with Chad Carlin of Omaha let me know so we can submit this info to the Police...

[email protected]
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