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In the late 1980s to 1990s, the first of 6 known models of these 'CF' name designated series appeared. The 'CF' designation is part of the casting identification # found on the license plates of these thought to be the 'third' made group edition of what are thought to be previously issued Tomica castings. They may also be the initials of the manufacturer or distributor, but that has not been confirmed. The Diecast Encyclopedia also notes the possibility of their being potentially 8 castings distributed but no one had identified the model or its number of of yet.

Before the 'CF' license plate designation group of castings appeared, another group of castings called "Winner" were made in the 1970s. They also consisted of previously issued Tomica models. Then came "Tak Wo (TW)" in between the "Winner" group and these with the "CF" group of castings that were made during the early 1980s. Both of these brand series groups were also known to have been made in Hong Kong, but not (apparently (?) by the same maker or distributors of CF.

The 'CF' series were initially issued with friction pull back motors. And as above, also appear to have been casting models previously issued by Tomica. (Remember also that Tomica regularily retired castings from its series lines.) The CF version required a new base plate design to accommodate the pull back motor and wheel set required. They were also attached by screws to the body.

They were initially fitted with solid 'speed' type wheels consisting of chrome wheel rings with soft rubber tires. They came with full interiors and a window piece designed around their opening door feature. Later issues of the same castings had different wheels sets used during their overall production run. Which ended in 199?. Known castings have either 8 petal, chrome ringed, all black or 6 spoke chrome designs. The sequence of use is not know other than the chrome disc wheels of the putl back type casting came first.

It is also not clearly indicated (or visually apparent) that the pull back motors continued to be used in later distributions.

The free wheeling variations came with a more simple plastic base plate design to hold wheel sets in place. The now black plastic tires that were used had a chrome ring, much like those used by Tomica at the time.

The 3rd issued version was much more harder to produce. Their base plates were chrome plated. And they had a two-piece chrome wheel fitted with soft rubber tires. The addition of a tiny pull-back motor allowed the cars to zoom across the table or floor. Remember back to the early 1990's, where most diecast with pull-back friction motors used over-sized rear wheels, with distorted (tooned ?) bases and interior designs. The overall CF models were also noted to look much better with their normal sized wheel sets and correct interiors.

Known castings of later issues with different wheels sets lost their base plate information as time passed.

They were though called "Free Wheel Friction Mini Car" on their packages.

Some of them also have the make and model name, same casting number as the license plate and scale size included on their base plates. One known example is the Audi 5000 CF301 scale 1/65 model casting. Another white Fiat X1/9 casting is known. As above, the base plate information (and other details) were removed as casting distributions continued by CF.

See Canasia Toys & Gifts and Kidmark also.

Known casting list (only 6 of 8 referenced models have been identified - are their more?)

CF 301 - Audi 5000 Turbo
CF 302 - Nissan Bluebird Turbo
CF 303 - Porsche 930 (911 Turbo)
CF 304 - Jaguar XJ-S
CF 305 - Fiat X 1/9
CF 306 - Toyota Corolla Levin AE86

Sourced references -

member input @AlanZ
Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)

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I added a photo album link at Flickr for Colin's Diecast Cars that shows various versions of all 6 of the known castings from this series today. 馃

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Added a new reference from planet dicast (a verticle scope sister site to HobbyTalk - BTW). It adds more credence to their being only 6 know castings issued by whomever CF was back in the day! 馃

I also rewrote most of the entry to make it smoother and correct some of the tense grammer. I was also able to add more detail about the base plate design and wheels sets used during their production run based on the Planet Diecast resource.

I am still planning (needing) to go back and compare the known castings lists for Winner and Tak Ko and then to cross referrence them to Tomica's retired castings and their own casting list at the time. If anyone has already done this or is interested in chasing down those leads feel free. I am not sure when I will get back around to having the time to finish that task! TIA 馃

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Here is a packaged example that Colin's Diecast has allowed us to share. You should be able to click on the image and see more CF casting examples at Flikr from his collection. If I am not mistaken isnt the language shown within the logo 'label' of the card in German?

That logo also looks more like a 'ck' to me than a CF - is this perhaps also another identity clue?

I also am remembering the distributor name shown in the bottom right hand corner to be a German Company IIRC as well!

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