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I picked up the Ferrari fans for the wife, but I haven't seen any of the others. I heard the next McQueen is the one with bugs on the grill and I thought I heard about the Dinoco McQueen with the big wheels, but I could be way off base. Hope that helps.


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Here's what's due this year, but I'm not sure of the exact schedule:

Wave Four (Tentatively January 2007), and Other Reported Cars

Single Packs
These cars are now official to come out in 5-6 waves in 2007

Dinoco Chick Hicks from Lightning's Nightmare
Ramone (Red paint job)
Hamm (From Pixar movie parody of Toy Story)
Tex (Owner of Dinoco)
Bob Cutlass
Darrell Cartrip
Fred (The Rusty Car whose front bumper keeps falling off)
Dale Earnhardt Jr
Mario Andretti
Oil Guzzler RV
Bug Faced McQueen
Elvis RV Cab
Bling-Bling McQueen
Tongue McQueen
Additional Piston Cup Race Cars
Michael Schumacher Ferrari

- JJ
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