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Sorry these are JL's but the basement needs to make room for JL's!

100% Black Box cars
Unopened Boxes
White World Tour Microbus
34 Ford Hi Boy Coupe Purple w/ Flames
Green Pro Street Camaro
Opened Boxes with rubber bands removed and boxes retaped:
Mercohaulic Pink to Yellow with Flames
67 Shelby GT 500 Mustang Blue
65 Shelby GT 350 Mustang Black
66 Bug Blue
Microbus White with Pink Check pattern
71 Dodge Charger Purple

Cal Customs on Non Mint Cards
Pink Woody RR
Pink 59 Caddy WW
Pink Stutz TW
Pink P 911 TW
Metallic Pink P 911 TW
Pink Ferrari TW
Pink Ferrari RR
Blue 34 Ford RR
Light Green 34 Ford RR
Blue Corvette RR
Pink Sol Air TW
Pink Nomad TW
Metallic Pink 63 Vette RR
White Camaro TW
Orange 57 Chevy TW
Silver Mercedes 380 SL TW

FAO 24 K Gold Classics : Benz, Phantom, Lago

Sema Phaeton Plus FE Phaeton w/ ghost of Phone # on side

Bad Mudder FE No Roof Tampo

International Raceway Probe Funny Car in Bag w/ Header

Email for a price list.

Emails to [email protected]

Wants: White Lightnings or cash
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