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Wow, I'm a few weeks behind on my finds. Time for an update!

Walgreens had some fresh older stuff on March 20th. The Escort, both Porsches, and the 8 Crate were all ones I didn't have and was happy to find. I thought the Forky car was pretty fun, too.

I got a few cars at Dollar Tree on the 22nd. This is my third Valentines Beetle, and it'll go to my nephew. I'm gonna try to leave any more that I find for other collectors.

Like I mentioned in another thread, Dollar General has been pretty barren lately. I did find a couple Hot Wheels back on the 24th that I was kind of interested in but had passed up before, so I picked them up to get a start on the 20 cars for the promo.

The next day at Walmart I found some Matchbox and the Hot Wheels Premium Buick Riviera. The Riviera is super nice. Of the Matchbox, the Ranchero was really the only one I was excited about, but the other two are decent for what they are. The Chow Mobile II is a mega peg warmer here, so I figured I might as well get one out of the way, lol.

I went to another DG on the 27th and didn't find any Hot Wheels. I did get a fun little Matchbox street sweeper and finally found the third licensed Playmind 5-pack!

Next I stopped at an out-of-the-way Dollar Tree and found some Maisto cars and the Bolts biplane. When I saw the "City Service" and "Fantasy Car" Fresh Metal cards I though I had stumbled on some old stock, but surprisingly those three are all dated 12101 on the card, or the first week of 2021. The castings have 12049, 12051, and 12052 on the base (Dump Truck, Vantasy, and Gas Tanker respectively). The Lamborghini on the blue Fresh Metal card is actually dated 12009 on the card and 11948 on the car!

I found the Premium yellow Volvo 850 wagon Walgreens and the green Volvo Amazon at Target, plus the new Matchbox 9-pack with the exclusive Ford F-100. At least four of the included cars are carryovers fro last year's basic range, but the Lamley UK bus is new. It's exclusive to this 9 pack and one with an exclusive Dodge Challenger.

My final stop on the 27th was at a Smith's Marketplace (Kroger). They had a tonnnn of Hot Wheels and they were on sale for 89¢, but it was almost all stuff I already had. I did find the '06 GTO and another See Me Rollin' (car with the glare) to replace the first one I got that doesn't do much rollin'. The Matchbox blister and Power Grabs were also on sale. The Tomica "Isuzu Giga Fried Potato Car" was too fun to pass up. I think the Japanese are making fun of us, lol. I think that blue Toy sticker is actually covering up an "Only at Walmart" sticker. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing wider Tomica distribution.

I stopped in at Target again a couple days later (3/29) and picked up two cool Majorette castings and the Flying Customs Monte Carlo.

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I went back to my closest DG on the 31st and their pegs were completely bare. The buy one/get one sale had started at that point, so I picked up a few Matchbox. Hard to pass up 50¢/car even if a couple are ones I already have, lol.

I also did one of those cliché "went in to get a gallon of milk and came out with Hot Wheels" things at our closest Smith's (small Kroger) that's usually hit-and-miss for even having any Hot Wheels at all. This time they had a dump bin with mostly found older stuff, but I hadn't had a chance to grab the Prelude, '57 Chevy, Flintmobile, and Batmobile before then so it was a small win. My brother found out about See Me Rollin' and wanted one, so I picked up another for him. The 89¢ deal was still going on here, too. I've had my eye out for the Pixar Easter Buggy and almost missed it. Glad I dug around in the back of the bottom shelf, haha.

I went to Walmart on April 1st and got a bunch of G case cars, also with a few Cs. Didn't find everything I was looking for from G, but checked quite a few off my list.

I also finally broke down and bought a couple of the Color Shifters. I still think they're too expensive, but I really couldn't pass up a Purple Passion and I haven't seen the Scion xB casting for a while and felt compelled to get it for some reason as well, haha.

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Awesome haul congrats.👍 I'm still on the hunt for some of those and I can't wait to add all of those to my hot wheels collection.👍
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