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Canadian Collectors - Zellers

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Anyone else have the price jump of $1.99 for a regular old mainline? They must be taking one last kick at the can before Target takes over. The bad part is, Zellers was a good source for plenty of new stuff, but at this price, that stuff will sit there for a long time.
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Zeller's Going??

Sorry to hear tht Zellers is being taken over. If Target Canada is like Target USA, collectors will have a tough time. I remember going up to Quebec in the 90s and hitting Woolworths (pre WM) for PEZ and Zellers for International HWs. Boy, those were the days.
I worry as well because I hear horror stories about Target not restocking. I also remember Woolworths. Don't forget Woolco. ;):)
The Zellers here went up on the weekend. Idiots!
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