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Hi Gang,

Very exciting news today! We just got approval from Jada Toys on a deal to receive 2,500 1/64 scale VW Drag Busses all bare metal and in the cool plexi-glass display case (just like the Chrome Camaro was).

This mean we will soon be offering custom limited edition runs of the Drag Bus in runs of 100 pieces, with a total of 12 runs to be completed. The remainder of the busses will be offered in custom package format for business's, clubs, and events.

I think this will be a hot series and hoping you guys are as excited as we are with this deal. To start things of we are going to be offering a 1 time only "Bare Metal Bus" of course in a plexi-glass display case. Only 100 will be made available for pre-order so watch for that info in the next few weeks. Once we get finalized with Jada on this deal I will get you all more info on release dates, and pricing.

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