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Can silvered decals be fixed?

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My decals have silvered, is there a way of fixing this effect?

Alos, I think I read that mixing white glue with the dunking water helps when applying the decal - does this stop silvering?


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Try several doses of MicroSol (or similar) decal solution. If that does not work well enough, gently poke several small holes in the decal and try the MicroSol again.

When applying, make sure you apply on a surface finished either in gloss color or clear gloss lacquer. Also, always use some MicroSol (or similar) decal solution. Apply the solution on the surface, apply the decal, and apply a couple of coats of solution OVER the decal. Even on a semi-gloss finish, you can get your decals to lay down like they were painted on.
You mean they're not supposed to be silver? :tongue:
CaptFrank said:
You mean they're not supposed to be silver? :tongue:

No, silly! They're supposed to be "metallic gray!" :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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