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Hello Hot Wheelers-

I’m usually on the slot boards, and have been a member here on HT for several years.
(Some here may recall I'd posted a pic of my wife's Red-line VW bug in this forum, some time ago-)

I’m in a quandary and was hoping some of you could help...

I decided to make a “special” car for some of our great guys on the slot board.

It’s based on the Cockney Cab (plastic bod’—plastic base).
I’ve scoured all the shops I could, these last few days- and have come up totally empty-handed.

Plus, I’d went on the “Bay”, but the shipping for individual purchases would kill me!
I’m hoping that some of you might have the five I need-
If I could get more- I would make more, but I think asking for five is quite a bit in itself-

I will pay all costs involved in getting them to me (I’m in the U.S.)

I don’t care about the packages, variations, or the condition of the car—as long as the car is complete and not gouged to death.

Can anyone help me so I can give these to some very deserving Gents?? :)

Thank you-
Cheers, phil
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