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How many color variations are there in the HW Classics Series 1 and 2 (convertibles) for the 1967 Camaro's.
I am fairly new to these forums and thought I had all the variations but have seen people mentioning copper and gold in the series 2, but can not tell the difference in the photos I have seen. TIA

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well, 1 Stop Die Cast (see box to your right) use to have a page buried in thier site with the old series one list with pics and colors, but I cant find it now, link no worky

I'd say in series one alone there were at least 6 different colors released for the Camaro... a couple of the colors came out with 5 spoke wheels instead of 7, as a variation that were harder to find. I have a black chrome one that was a pretty cool find, but out of the pacakge it is closer to a very dark purple color...that might have been series 2.
Didn't really care for the Camaro convertible that came out in the later releases... but I'm not fond of any convertible version, that's just me.

EDIT: oops, just noticed you mentioned convertibles, oh well...now I'm confused...they have been doing these classics for a couple years now, and the Camaro Convertible didn't come out untill recently...are they still calling this series 1?

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Series 1 '67 Camaro hardtops came in 6 colors:


Series 2 '67 Camaro Convertibles came in 7 colors:

Dark Blue
Black (HWC exclusive "rewards" car)
Gun Metal Grayish

The red and blue series 1 '67 Camaro hardtops had variations with 5 spoke wheels and 7 spoke wheels. Copper and gold colored Camaros from series 2 are the same color just in the eye of the beholder. Some paint mix differences resulted in some being darker or lighter but those are just shades of the same color.
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