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"CadillacPat's Customizing Tutorials & Tips"
Paint, Casting Prep, Body Mods, Decals, Disassembly, Stripping, Reassembly, etc.

This is a list of Tutorials and Advice I have written to assist anyone in learning or bettering their skills of the art of Customizing.
When I began Customizing these little Diecast cars around 2001 I had no PC and wouldn't have for another 4 years, so everything written herein is self taught or invented.
Today many of these very methods are in wide use.

These are my own ways of Customizing.
If you follow the procedures and products recommended you'll be on your way to producing Customs you will be as proud of as I am mine.

I'll add the link to this thread everytime I write something new.
HobbyTalk Customs is the most widely read and quick moving Customs Board on the Internet so I'm sure the body of this post will eventually move back a number of pages but you may always find it by doing a Search here on HT.

A couple of my Tutorials also exist over on HotWorldCustoms and Mark aka Mini-Motors is the only person I authorize to copy and post any of my written advice on his site.

Okay here ya go,

"Decal Fixative Alternatives"

"Free Psychedelic Competition Stripes"

"More FREE Psychedelic Competition Stripes"

"Paint Mix Medical Cups"

"InkJet Decals Over Dark Colors"

"Reassembly of Customs Using Rivets"

"Jemcousa.com Jeweler Supply"

"Decals and PhotoShop - Unlimited Possibilities"

"Painting Plaastic Interiors"

"Painting Tips For Adhesion Problems"

"Perfect WheelSwaps CadillacPat Style"

"Tamiya Masking Tape"

"Stripping Your DieCast"

"Make Your Own Decals"

"A Question About Decals"

"Disassembly & Reassembly"

"Custom Drill Bit Collar/Bit Stop"

"Removing Paint From Aerosol Cans"

"Paint Stands"

"Who Is AirBrushing"

"Purchasing/Choosing A New AirBrush"

"Quality AirBrushes for Under $75"

"ClearCoat, Catalyst, Reducer"

"Apoxie Sculpt Super White - Body filler and More"

"What Printer Are You Using"

These are a few of my Tutorials and Discussions.
I have some new ones in the works and also 3 or 4 ongoing Build Tutorials that I'll add to the list.

HobbyTalk has really taken over the Internet as the place Customizers come to for Customizing information and interaction with others who enjoy our Hobby.

I'm glad to see something finally come together to compile all the valuable information here into a single Customizing Library.

--CadillacPat the UnCustomizer--
Keeping the ZING in CustomiZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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... very nice compilation ...

Pat, thank you for creating
each of these tutorials, then
compiling them together within
this 'umbrella' thread. Nice idea.

I've composed/posted 2 tutorials
as well, (polishing steps, and realistic
head/tail lamps)
... and I'm presently
attempting to complete 2 more (interior
detailing, and realistic exotic exhaust pipes,
such as the parts seen test-fitted on this WIP).

What I'll do first, before posting any new tutorial,
is to check in on yours to make sure I don't duplicate
or contradict any of your helpful information. Yet, I'm
wondering if there is a way to coordinate shared ideas
on methods we may both be using ... so if you ever wish
to copy/paste info I have, to place it in your tutorials, feel
free to do so. Anything to make it more useful to all others.

Yours are eloquently written, and very well presented.
:rolleyes: ;) :thumbsup:

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