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This camera, Fuji e510, is only good for closeups I am told. I have been using it since last Christmas a year ago. That tow line will not stay hidden under the model, it wants to stay right there in the middle of the bed all the time. About time I try some further back shots and see what happens. I also take what is called Super Macro shots from about 2-4" away. They are unreal too.

As for all the kind words, "thank you" to each and everyone. Another member asked for these and I was only too happy to post them. olesarge90

If you meant to tell me about extra BWF in the 'mainline group of 25 models; I believe I have all up to including the '64 or 65' black with green flames. Thanks for offering though, Olesarge90/Gill
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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