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Buz Kirkel began collecting model cars in 1983 to use on his train layout. The first white metal car he purchased was a Brooklin Models 1948 Tucker. He progressed from being a collector to a Brooklin dealer ten years later. Building his business up, Kirkel acquired distribution rights to the Highway Travellers range of ten models, originally made by Paul Patterson. He later added Western Models and eventually all of the other major lines to his available stock.

In 2005, the owner of Conquest/Madison Models in the Netherlands, Henk van Asten decided to retire and agreed to sell Kirkel his business. He continued to have the Conquest/Madison line manufactured for him by SMTS in England.

In 2007, when Mike Stephens, owner of Western Models, decided to retire, Buz reached an agreement with him to purchase their range of American model cars, and these are now known as Western Models Collectors Editions. The production of this line including all pattern making and casting was transferred to SMTS. At the time of this post, no. 104 was a very rare 1961 Plymouth Fury.

When he bought the two white metal lines, he improved the quality of each, add more details, different body styles and new cars. Production runs were small, usually only 30 units of a particular car were made in 2 or 3 color choices. After a particular car was made, it may not have been made again for 2 to 3 years and then generally in a new color scheme.

Kirkel sells directly to the collector/enthusiast through Route 66 Model Car Store. His customer base is evenly divided between the USA and Europe/RotW. Available models are shown at a variety of different toy shows in America each year.

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