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Building Model Kits Turned Me Into A Perfectionist!

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I have 5 Hot Wheels downstairs in my workshop right now. I have painted and stripped them about 4 times each. Every time, the paint comes out almost right, but not quite. I'll try to fix it with a brush, but I'm sure you all know how well that works.

I didn't used to be a perfectionist. I really dislike perfectionists.
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I know exactly where you're coming from tolenmar. There always seems to be something that spoils that seemingly unobtainable level of perfection we strive for. It's a rare occurrence when it comes, so just do the best you can and try to learn from the goof up. Remember, creating perfection isn't just not having an error occur... It's knowing how to fix that error so it disappears when you fix it. If plan A fails miserably, next time a patch or repair is required, try plan B,or C or D! :lol: Practice makes perfect in it's purest form.
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