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Hello friends, this time I'm glad to present the last 4 wheels acquisition has joined the songoland family.
After having so much fun with the Buggy BG 1513 it is time to go a step further and i have the perfect matte for it.

Here we have one fantastic FS 53910 machine!
By FS Racing Marauder FS 53910 4WD Buggy Dersert 1/10 4WD 2.4G Brushed RC Racing Car
with a look at more sandpit leek style..

With a scale that begins to be considerable 1/10, any obstacle will stop him. With integral 4WD traction,
it is able to climb where others get stuck. but before talk more about, i want to thank my friends
form Gearbest ho send me for this model so i can make some videos and sows you all so fast and so beautiful!
you guys are the best !!

intro video :)

Unboxing Video :

This car is a great , in his transmitter you can control parameters such as speed, steering angle reverse
servos, etc .. So can play with children younger or more pro people due unlocking the full power can
deliver this car.

There are two versions of this model, Mine is the one with brushed motors and all electronic
components waterproof.

I start talking about one of the things that I have liked this model, and its it metalic base, that gives rigidity
and bestial structural strength, with a new and improved clutch ensures less wear of components and a
better way harness the full power of that great engine 550.

The whole structure of the car is designed to absorb impacts, to protect as much as possible in the event
of an accident. which is appreciated, especially when you're a new driver a bit like me.

You can access inside easily, just remove 2 clips and are ready to freely manipulate inside the battery
change is easy way, thanks to its quick release.

The details that have this car for my taste are perfect, nice wheels (plastic) and filled rubber tyres for a
better grip on all terrains.

The car is RTR (ready to run) from the first minute that pulls out of the box! It brings absolutely
everything is need to start having fun.

Control Transmitter, 2 batteries (one spare) stickers to decorate it to your liking, parts and fasteners
some details, along with the master key to tighten or accommodate the wheels and other components
from the Buggy.

One of the kink that I like about these cars is that they are easily to modified, can play by adding pieces
of others, or improving the model with generic parts or competition, it has many different points
everywhere, giving many of possible configurations, for always setup
the best which it will run… suspension height, tilt the angle of the wheels easily ,, etc ,, just great for have
fun tuning up!

Highlight the damping of this car is excellent, the suspension work as real, absorbing the impacts and not
like other cheaper cars as if they were a single spring and don't stop to do "boing , boing".. you know what
im talking about..

Quality seen from the first moment i get in to my ands, the car weighs is about 2,5kg of pure fun.

In short, a great car at a low price becouse of the great ofert they have , 129€ It is what it costs now!
(when compared to competitors in the same style in other brands), ideal for your first races, and go
slowly improving it. just amazing!

hope you enjoy the videos , and if you like to know something is not posted here, just ask me :) i will try to
do my best to help.

Thanks for watching.

Independent receiver and transmitter (can be easily changed for yours if you already have another)
low price excellent quality
many original parts available
easy to tune

Charger without light led to know when the battery is fully charged

+ Technical data and where to buy link:
FS 1 / 10 2.4GH 4WD RC Desert Buggy EU Plug-151.68 Online Shopping| GearBest.com

Improvements with 3D printing
As you know, I like to also do some things for my rc.
For this particular model, I thought somehow adapt the chassis to pull from a Trailer for my RC boat..

Well, these or any other of the things that happen and I have to do with the FS 53910, i will post in this thread.
Suggestions for improving this Racing Car are welcome, please post any occurrence that you have :)

**These are just some ideas and may already have available further improvements for this model.
follow this link, here is where you can download all 3D printed files free.
About _sOnGoKu_ - Thingiverse

Recomendet Links:
More 3D print improvements?
I recommend that you go through this thread: About _sOnGoKu_ - Thingiverse
More videos about RC ?: http://bit.ly/SongoLand

Well here I leave it, I hope serve someone.

Thanks for getting here! soon will put new things

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