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I have to credit fellow HT Pete McKay with putting this idea into my cavernous skull...........

Ive decided on a "race program" for my track and the guys who want to race here.Old school G+..Slip on rears,any gears,any front end.Everything else stock.
Anyone that wants to race has to throw down for a controller and two NOS chassis,which I will supply.I'll stock parts and they can pay me as we go.

Tho I can find NOS chassis and parts easily and reasonably cheap,bodies are a problem.

So I decided to make a buck to try making my own lexan bodies for them

I used some diecast I had,and matched wheelbase.I wanted to try a simple open wheel racer,and used a Super G body I had that had seen one to manny wall shots.

I heated modeling clay in the microwave at 10 second increments,kneading it with my hands,and then going 10 more seconds,and then repeating.

Once it was easily pliable,warm to the touch,I molded it into a rectangle that would fit my "master" into.

I gave a quick spray of Pam,and the pressed the master in face down.Removed the master,chilled in the freezer and added a semi loose plaster of paris into the clay,until it over flowed slightly.Let dry,and release.

This is what I got.These were the 3 best out of the 6 I did:

These are the two that came out well.They need a tad of touch up but they will do fine:

open wheeler:

Ferrari P4(Hotwheels):

I'll clean these up a bit,and try themin the vac machine.Stay tuned.

For the next round,I'll snap and post some pics in case anyone cant figure out what the H E double toothpicks Im talking about.

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