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Hello Diecast Collecters, more information from Argentina, Buby Diecast! Made in Argentina, read on .... Bob Frassinetti.

Like allways I'm working on more information on the diecast cars made in Argentina, her is some new information with which I've come up with .... after several more interviews with Mr. Haroldo "Buby" Mahler. ....... I hope you will enjoy reading and that the information is helpfull with your collection.....

Buby's joint ventures

Most worldwide collectors know Buby for it's outstanding diecast products

made in Argentina from 1950 to the early 1990s, and, yes, this is the most

important Buby production. However, Buby also had worked together with

French diecast company Solido, American international firm Gillette and Siku


The master of Argentinean diecasts had such a passion for toys and scale

model cars that when he wasn't able to produce them, all due to very

complicated Argentina's economical situation and economic policy, he joined

some of the world's masters to keep on bringing high quality, great fidelity

toys to Argentinean kids. All of which would later in history will be

appreciated by worldwide collectors.

From 1968 to 1969 Buby imported Solido diecasts chassis in parts. Back then

it was an excellent opportunity to import parts -instead of the finished

item- and ensemble it in the country, finishing the item and producing some

things such as the packaging, wheels, paint.They imported 10,000 pieces sets

at a time, it was quite a large amount they assembled them and sold in

really good conditions. These items can be recognized for in the bottom part

of the chassis there' s an engraving of the Solido brand, and next to it, a

sticker that reads "Buby, made in Argentina", for all wheels and smaller

details were made in the Buenos Aires Buby plant, as well as all packaging.

There were around seven or eight different models imported, among of which


- Oldsmobile tornado

- Ford Mustang

- Porsche carrera 6

- Maseratti Indy

- Ferrari Cupé

From 1976 to the early years of 1980s, Buby -as most local companies were

going through a very complicated phase, for all economic policies were

adverse for them. Once again, carried on by his passion for diecasts, Buby

was to become Siku's Argentine representation. They brought finished items.

These were also very high quality items, as all Buby's venture projects and

products. They imported the finished product, nothing was done within the

country, not even the packaging, hence, there was no Buby- Siku toys, just

Siku, imported by Buby, but there was no inscription or label making

reference to this. Among the imported items, these toy vehicles were mainly

trucks and utility vehicles in all their different versions.

During the 80s, Buby once again joint in labors with a foreign company, this

time it was Gillette. At first, Buby would develop models and castings for

Gillette and their Jet collection, but when Gillette decided to shut down it

's toy production, Buby bought several of Gillette's old castings and kept

on producing those models within the Mini Buby Collection and the Buby


Eleven models -who had been Gillette's- were included in this Serie 100

collection, one of them was the Maserati Indy. This collection was completed

with nine other models that had appeared in the previous series, plus a new

one: the Renault 12 break. There was a new uniformed packaging style for

this collection.

These were Buby's joint works. This passion for toys and diecasts is

unquestionable, even when he wasn't able to produce he managed to bring to

the country top quality items and great deals. His input to million's of

Argentineans childhood is unquestionable. The respect and admiration earned

all over the world for his productions also.

The Buby Tractor.

In the search of the history of Buby's farm toys we recently published a

first approach to knowing the story behind the Buby Fiat 700s CONCORD

Tractor. We had brought into consideration the fact that this specific Buby

item was never commercialized.

This first information was a good starting point. However we wanted to know


Hence, we contacted the very best immediate source, Mr. Buby. After a great

telephone conversation, he agreed to have a word with us on the record about

this matter.

He first told us about his business relation with Fiat Argentina. Some years

before he was approached by the Fiat executives to produce a scale model of

the 700s CONCORD Fiat tractor, he had already been working together with

Fiat Argentina. The first two Fiat models done in scale by Buby were the

Fiat 1500 and the Fiat 1500 Pick up. These two items were a total success;

and the executives at Fiat were very pleased with Buby's work. Faithful

scale reproduction of outstanding vehicles was just what they were looking

for. Parents would drive the newest Fiat models and kids would play with

them, dreaming about driving them one day through the lovely Argentinean


Then, when Fiat Argentina had produced it's first tractor in Argentina, they

contacted Buby again to produce a scale model of their brand new tractor.

Buby then got to work, they accessed the tractors blueprints at Fiat's

headquarters in Belgrano, Buenos Aires; and with all that confidential

information plus a great deal of talent and vision, Buby came up with an

outstanding item. "The scale tractor was a refined piece", says Mr, Buby,

when we ask him about his impressions back then. He continues to tell us "

we had included direction, when you turned the wheel, tires moved, even the

back plowing moved and had gorgeous details such as the grating. The engine

cover was removable." No doubt about it this item expressed Buby's great

capability of producing high quality, great fidelity and beautiful auto-


Mr. Buby comments agree with our previous article. And there's a plus, for

he had told us that "this item is more a collectible than a toy item, for it

's delicacy and fidelity with the original tractor". We might add, this was

Buby's first approach to the production of collectibles for collectors,

caring greatly about faithfulness, quality and design; many years latter he

would retake this road when he launches to the market his Collectors


Back to the Buby tractor, they had produced 10,000 units specially for Fiat.

The Buby company was not to sell this item ever; nor did Fiat, who according

to what Mr. Buby told us "had given them away as presents for their special

clients and other Fiat bases all over the globe."

The tractor was a success. Buby & Fiat kept on working together developing

several new models during the 60s and 70s. From 1973 to 1975 Buby & Fiat

worked on several trucks models on a 1:64 scale.

Their working together would soon come to an end, not due to personal

affairs or arguments, but because the Argentine economy was changing rapidly

and soon Buby would have to close it's doors until the mid 1980s.

If you like you could also but a short articel with the above, that talks about the Buby Catalog, where if possible you could make mention that I have several copies for selling, a lucky find, as the catalog is no longer availbale in book shops.

At the end of 1999, the first Buby catalog was published in Argentina. Buby, The History in Photos, is a fantastic masterpiece written by Lucien C. L. Brousse who unfortunately passed away last year. His book collects all the available information on all Buby collections –except for the Collectors Classics. The main focus on the book is set on a wide range of photographs that illustrate all Buby models, their characteristics and variations suffered by the models throughout Buby’s production from 1957 to 1995. This is the only available catalog on Buby’s diecast. It features 286 pages filled with very interesting black and white pictures. A fantastic input of the catalog is the Preface written by the owner and creator of the Buby diecasts, Mr. Haroldo "Buby" Mahler.

If you need any more information or details please feel free to email me, don't forget from time to time I'm able to sell Buby diecast, so if you have a wish list let me know ....

Best wishes from a lovely Buenos Aires, Bob Frassinetti.
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