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Brumm Automodelli Snc is one of the oldest, family-owned makers of 1:43 scale diecast model cars in Italy. They are located near Lake Como. Their name derives from the term Brumista (“cabbie”) that was adopted by the horse-drawn carriage cab drivers in Milan - as Brumm de Milan. Horse drawn carriage models are still one of the products they offer to collectors.

In 1952, Reno Tattarletti, (1) of (3) sons born to Giuseppe and Aide Tattarletti, founded the Fratelli Tattarletti company.

In 1961, he also founded Stampoplastica to make dies for Rivarossi and Dugu Miniautotoys. They also made other products and equipment for many other companies.

In 1962, this led to the founding of RIO Models which produced its own line of 1:43 scale model cars. From 1962 to 1972, Reno Tattarletti and his brothers Nilo and Diego operated Rio and Stampoplastica companies.

In 1972, Reno left Rio to his brothers (who continued to produce 1:43 scale model cars) and left Stampoplastica to his best employees, Virginio Molteni and Emilio Bianchi. From 1972 to 1975, Molteni & Bianchi continued to produced tooling for other companies and were the primary suppliers to Rio. At the same time, they developed a coach collection for themselves. Molteni & Bianchi eventually partnered back up with Reno Tattarletti and together they formed the Brumm Automodelli snc.

Since the 1980s, they have released special editions in limited numbers. This has included diorama sets and figures; spare tires and wheels, spare wings, mechanics, garage equipment and tools. There are even paddock girls and pit stop mechanics and various spectators.

The current owners, Rio Tattarletti (Reno's son), and the co-owners, Molteni and Bianchi, continue to produce 1:43 scale die-cast metal models of Italian racing, sports and street cars. Over time, models from Germany, Britain, France, and other countries have been added.

In 2019, they are releasing their first model with steerable wheels - Ferrari 312 T4 “snowplow”.

Known Series Names
Brumm Historical Series
Old Fire
Brumm Revival

Autostory - wrecked F1 cars
Brumm 27 Collection
Brumm Garage Set
Brumm Kit
Brumm Limited
Brumm Plus Super Serie
Brumm Promo
Perfect Collection
Plus Super Series
Race Transporter Set

150th Unita' D'Italia 1861-2011
Brumm recently introduced models of the “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” atomic bombs dropped by U.S. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively, at the end of the Second World War
Jim Clark 50th Anniversary 1968-2018.
50th Anniversary of Ed. Lupin

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In the USA I think Brumm does not get enough credit. When folks started to get interested in 1/43 collecting (late 1980s-1990s) the only models you could get readily were Jaguar D-Types or Ferrari GTOs or Ferrari GTOs or Jaguar D-Types. It's when I discovered Brumm through a few "mail order" dealers that the 1/43 world opened up. They're looked down upon today because they're not super sophisticated enough. But a sophisticated 1/43 could easily run you over US$90 today. You can still get some unique 1/43s (Porsches for example) at decent prices today.
Whatever! I like Brumm a lot. I'll continue to like and collect them.
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