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Branford R/C Speedway

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Night racing will begin 9-13-03. Racing will start @ 5:00 p.m.
Great racing the other day guys-girls, I am excited about my back to back A-Main wins in the truck class and cars.
See you guys/girls Saturday night.
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Glad to see you guys went to Saturday nights. It will make the trip for the GA gang a lot better
Hope to see you guys soon.
Todays race was rained out, again.
The next race will be 10-5-03 @ 11:00 a.m.
The next night race will be 10-11-03 @ 5:00p.m. which will only be one Saturday night a month.
Hey Willis are you getting a Nastruck together? I have heard you saying something about it before,and Sunday you was asking about the body.
I hope so, I really enjoy racing against you, I'm sure you hate it when I lean on ya a little or when you fly like a eagle. LOL Always pretty close together though.See you at the next race if you are there. L8ER

Ohh yea C.F. I will be 5 for 5 in trucks if I win the next one ( C.F. LOL)
hey whats going on down in branford when are yall racing.

This Weekend

Hey Donnie I Think Were Racing This Weekend. Wade Is Gonna Miss It Cuz Of Work And He Said We Are Gonna Trie To Come Up Yalls Way Next Weekend
Hey Donnie the next race will be on 11-16-03, 11:00a.m.. Hope to see you guys back again, maybe I will have a chance to run with you guys now that I have a car,the last time all I had was my truck...
i hope to make it back down there before long
y'all come up to Dublin this Sunday
Are you guys running 19T and stock??
stock for sure, 19t is a maybe
The next night race will be Saturday Nov. 22
"Bring Your Tire Warmers" LOL
There are new white mercury vapor lights put up,should be able to see the track from the store now.
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Well Richard C. set TQ and won the A-Main,it was a little chilly but we had a great time under the lights.There were several new bodies out last night. Chris F. set TQ in trucks and won also.Hope to see you guys from Ga. and Jacksonville at the track sometime.
What is the schedule like for the rest of the year? Give dates and times please. We want to get back down there very soon. I will be changing our schedule next season to make it easier to get down even more so let Scott know we will be moving to the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month for the 2004 season. We will be racing the 7th and the 21st of December to finish up the year. Starting in January we will be running the the 11th and 25th.
We were not fast at all, looked liked we were all in 6's or low 7's for some,but there was only two 6 second laps ran all night,one by Richard and one by me in the truck.Me and Richard both ran 41 laps in a heat race but he won the Main with 40 laps.I broke in the car main,and started with a broken t-plate LOL (to cold to change it)in the truck main...Chris won that one,while I finished 2nd doing donuts on the straightaways..We had fun,wish you guys would have made it..

I would contact Scott on the schedules, I myself would like for you guys to start a little sooner,because it is a long haul back and it is late when we would get back and then we have to be at work Monday morning.
Scott:[email protected]
telephone: (386) 935-0758
hey cliff we are on the 2nd and 4th sunday dont think we are gonna run
at night next year.

Hey Donnie I think we run every other Sunday of each month,and the first Saturday night of each month. Check with Scott.

Has anyone seen this yet, Tony Stewart buys RC company.. Mainly open wheel oval.. http://customworksrc.com/index.html
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