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Branford R/C Speedway Track Rules

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Our track rules have always been the same as most other tracks.

no alocholic beverages or drugs allowed. [winecoolers/beer/liquor etc]

No fighting, you will be banned.

Please if you bring children under 10, make sure they are supervised.

Do not let YOUR children play on the track at any time! We want no one
injured. Children under 10 CANNOT turn marshall.

No pets, Willy is enough.

No intentional rear ending or taking out of another driver, YOU will be warned once and then 'black flag'

Have FUN and if there is a problem bring it to the attention of the management.

Racing will begin again Saturday nite at 6:00pm on August 7, 2004

Have a safe trip and hope to see you this Saturday under the lights. :hat:

386-935-0758 for more information.
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cool i really like running down there i will be back when yall go back to Sundays

I beleive the next raceday is a Sunday theve been alternating over the summer. I,ll check and see tonight. The've redone the lights at Branford and its not bad at all ( I,m 44 and wear bifocals :lol: ) my car is red,black and white and I can see it alright, its some of the outher cars I have problems with :eek:

Later! Lee Helander :cool:
Velocity R/C
There running next Sat nite ( the 14th ) I was told this would be the last nite race till next summer.

See Ya! Lee Helander :cool:
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