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A co-worker recently gave me her old set of afx firebirds (I posted this a couple of weeks ago) and since, as a child, she wasn't really interested in toy cars, it was nicely packed back in what I was told was the original box. (as shown below)

In addition to the outer box, there was also a plain brown corrugated cardboard box that fit within, which had to be slid out to get the set out. (I know you all, already know how afx boxed sets, but I'm setting a stage here, please bear with me...)

The thing is, within this inner box was a white box glued in as a partition. This box seemed to be awkward to pack back with the original components, despite it obviously having spaces for various bits of the set. Now, due to being a bit of a ham-fisted clod, when trying to repack the box, I had some stuff shift within this white, glued in inner box, at which point, when I tried to press it closed again, the glue holding the box in, came loose. (still with me? I am getting to a point - promise!)

To my surprise and amazement, this box that had seemed so unintuitive, suddenly made much more sense, when I discovered it had been glued in upside down to its originally intended purpose.

what I discovered was a near mint, never seen the light of day, perfectly crisp and square example of the box shown below (which isn't mine, but rather an image borrowed from the wide interwebs). the only condition issue with mine are two quarter sized dabs of that tan glue that box companies use to glue in partitions, and glue shut flaps, on what should have been the top of the box.

anyone else ever encountered anything like this in afx packaging?

I asked the girl I got it from, and she said it was that way when she got it new for Xmas, many years ago.

kind of cool, I thought.

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