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Boulevard 1952 Hudson Hornet

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I don't buy many HWs these days but this is one that I had to have. :thumbsup:
We have em for 2/$5 at Giant. Worth it at that price I think. Running the stingray concept and GN now. The boulevard grand national has got to e one of my favorite hotwheels ever. It has the finest details with all badges perfect. And I'm not necessarily a GN lover. The matte paint is great. Anyone needs any of them they are very plentiful ere. I can pick as many up as you want.
I don't buy many HWs these days but this is one that I had to have. :thumbsup:
I agree. I'm liking alot of these Boulevard cars.
Cool pic z06!
I wish this batch would have made it here, especially the Packard would have been another I wanted. But here in New Zealand they started off with the Packin Pacer lot.
So far, I have gotten the Hudson, the Pacer and the Fiero. Definitely would buy them over the mainlines, they are nice and heavy, nice castings overall, but

they still need to add more detail for the price - like color the @#$% taillights!
Nice 1952 hudson hornet congrats.:wave::thumbsup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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