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The 4th and final round of the Spanish 1/8th scale buggy National Championship, has taken place yesterday at the Valladolid track. With the overall championship already won by Robert Batlle who won 3 from the first 3 rounds, everybody was wondering if he could make 4 from 4 in his last GRP Engine powered race. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to do it, as the final was really hotly disputed, and 4 drivers have made it to the 1st position during the race; Robert Battle who had some mechanical problems, Richi Gómez, Daniel Vega, and the winner, Borja Hernández. Carlos Pineda has completed a great weekend finishing on 2nd place, spite he has raced about half of the final race with the broken rear wing, Richi Gómez completed the podium.

The final result:
1. Borja Hernandez
2. Carlos Pineda
3. Richi Gomez
4. Dani Vega
5. Carmelo Baldó
6. Adrian Perez
7. Bryan Baldó
8. Albert Navarro
9. Javi Puche
10. Patxi Peñas
11. Robert Batlle
12. Alberto Garcia
Source: Merlin [merlinfuel.com]

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