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body mounting trouble.

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Hey guys. i just recently got into 10th scale pan oval. and so far its a blast. but when I went to the local hobby shop and asked the ownder for a body he handed me one so I bought it thinking that it would work just fine. well ive panted it up and i cut out the wheel wells and mounted the body. but the rear tires stick out the side of the body. also the body doesent compleately cover the battery tray or the nerf bar for the rear right tire. the body i am running is something by wind tunnel not real shure what body it is and the car i am running is a ksg gen 1 slider. so If anyone could give me some hints as to what im doing wrong or is this just a horid body?

Sean Scott
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I dont know that the horrid body comment was needed Sean, but if you wheels are sticking out the sides it is a simple fix. You either have the wrong hubs on the car for pod position or you have just to many spacers behind the hubs. The Windtunnel bodies fit todays cars better than any other on the market.

My first guess is that you have standard hubs on and this would cause the LR to stick out unless the pod is in the straight up position.

If it is not covering the battery tray you just mounted it to far right

Give me a call at 712-428-4679 and Ill be more than happy to assist you with what is wrong. Either way it is a simple fix

Rob @ Windtunnel Racing Products
Rob makes some killer bodies. I would say the same thing as he did, wrong hubs or to many spacers. On most cars the body will rub on the tray and nerf wing anyway, so thats not a big deal.
sory I dident mean to offend you but the body is just way way off. i mean the tires are poking out on boath sides. and it doesent do this with the protoform body that i got with the car when i bought it used. they fit flush with the side of the body. I think maby the man gave me the wrong body or something because I dont think that it could posibly be this far off. so Ill see ill have someone at the track look at it and tell me what they think. and ill get back to you.

Sean Scott

P.S. Sory about my choice of words I realy dident mean to offend you. its just im realy frustrated with this car. it seems like its just one huge money pit compared to on road and so i guess im getting mad at every little thing.
oh one more thing I was just thinking about what you said with the offset hub. is it possible maby I could take some pics of the rear axel and have you guys look at it and tell me what kind it is. because you must understand I just came to oval a few months ago and I have only taken the car out for a few practice laps. and have yet to run it with the new body or anything. so any help you can give me will be much apreceated.

Sean Scott
Best place to start is either give me a call or shoot me your phone number and Ill give you a call. There is no reason for a Windtunnel body to not fit when other brands will. All the current 4 major body makers bodies will fit today cars. Pics are ok but I can have you give me some measurements over the phone or what body you were given and Ill make sure you get things on right. I dont do touring bodies at this time so that would not be the trouble. [email protected]

Rob @ Windtunnel Racing Products
measure from outside of wheel to outside of wheel. in mm should be no more than 205. if it is hubs or spacing is wrong.

Just curious is the lentgh of the body correct. Was wondering if you have a 1/12 scale body.

curious... Did you buy this car from James?? Was the old body Blue with silver flames??? I dont remember seeing any windtunnel oval bodies on the shelf when I was up there...
ACE said:
Sounds like a XHS body to me
I bet you are right...Come to think of it I remember there being one there...
Are you sure it was a windtunnel body and not a Mcallaster body they were pretty narrow too at one time. I measure mine by inches and it is no more than 8" at most.
XHS would fit as well as any other 1/10th Windtunnel Body. If the nerf bar nor the battery tray both are sticking out then it would almost have to be a 1/12th body and not a 1/10. But until I hear from Sean and he allows me to help him out then this is a dead subject in a way. All Windtunnel bodies have a part number in the window and the website will tell him what he has. Or I can help if he would contact me.

I appreciate all you trying to help but until we know what really happened we may as well stop guessing.

Sean, give me a call 712-428-4679

Rob @ Windtunnel Racing Products
snap a pic of your car and post it on here
we should be able to tell if something is built wrong
hey guys well thanks for all the help sory I couldent get back to you sooner but yes I can take some pic's of the car to show you guys whats up. just tell me what part of the car you would like photographed and I can run down and snap the picks and upload them fast. but anyways the body I currently have is a wt2249v. so I dont know if that helps or not but any advise you guys can give me would be much appreceated.

Sean Scott
WT2249 appears to be a xhs velodrome body.
But murdock said that shouldnt matter so it must be something with the car thats not right. What model of chassis is it.
as far as I know its a ksg gen 1 slider. but other than that thats all i know. keep in mind im an absolute newb to oval. so I have no clue about most of the stuff in oval. so you may have to explane some stuff about oval to me. like I dident know anything about offset rear pod for a while and I still dont even know what it does for the car. and Im still trying to figure out all the things bout the front end of pan cars.

Sean Scott
How bout a pic of the car with the new bodie sitting on it.
the pod looks offset, not sure if thats a narrow left hub though! but thats one long axle!!
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