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OK. I will be the first to admit it….we are not sure how to handle this!

There are excuses for not going to a race but a HURICANE is about as good as you can get! We have tried hard not to make many concessions and even harder not to take anything away from our qualifying tracks because their races are the key to this program and their success is essential to the success of the Invitational.

I have discussed it with Dale and also amongst the three of us and in this case, I see no other way to handle this one. So here is what we are going to do:

If you finished in the A main of the LAST Red, White and Blue at BMS in July and/OR you are signed up to run the one on the 18th then you will be considered qualified to run the Invitational.

Because the two race dates are only a week apart, I have already sent the invitations to Dale to give to the ones that qualify and you can pick them up at the track. If you are not able to get by the track (i.e. you live out of town) send me an email at [email protected] and I will be sure you are on the list.

IF the race at BMS on the 18th goes off as planned, then the original rules will apply and you will have to be there to qualify in your class.

I hope that everyone understands what we are doing here and that it will help the BMS racers to still be able to participate in the East Coast Paved Oval Invitational.


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car count?

I was just wondering if you had a estimated car count for next weekends race. If I make it I would be running 4c Spec. To long of a drive to come and race with 3 or 4 cars, lol.

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