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To close out 2009, Fantastic Plastic Models presents the Boeing Blended-Wing Bomber concept in 1:144.

http://www.fantastic-plastic.com/Blende ... ogPage.htm

This is a simple but highly accurate representation of the two-engined BWB Boeing proposed in 2000. The kit was created in CAD by Jonpage Risque (RetroRocket to his friends) and then finished and detailed by Mana Studios, which also did the casting. This being a "table top" model (no landing gear), we're including a two-piece display stand with nameplate. The JBOT decals include markings for three different strategic bomber squadrons.

The Blended-Wing Bomber kit sells for $75.00 plus postage (which is a bit higher than normal because it's a three-pound model!).

Oh, and don't let the 1:144 scale fool you -- this baby has a 17.5 inch wingspan!
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