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Black with flames

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How many BWF cars have been released to date? I found the El Camino & Mustang today to go with the Samba bus I found about a month ago. I know the Camaro was first. I regret leaving the 2 or 3 I saw hanging on the pegs when they first came out. But I never thought I would find the whole set since they seemed to be so popular even before they were released. So I passed the Camaro up. Oh well..... maybe somebody has an extra one they could sell? Anyhow, are these the only 4 so far? Thanks!

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The AMC Rebel Machine 375-10 (missing link Street Freaks release 6) is being found now, but those were the first 4 released if memory serves. (Camaro 375-07, El Camino 375-08, Mustang 375-09, VW Bus 375-11) There is a Nash Metropolitan in the mix somewhere too I think but I've lost track of the releases. I hear a Nissan Skyline is coming with my name on it.
i want the stang well i guess i will have to keep looking
The Nash is forth coming I hear and don't forget the ghia from those guys who are haveing a 5 year anniversary. Plus We might be able to get a Chevelle but I believe that it's still in the works.
I am definately going to have to get my pictures posted.
I have a BWF 69 Camaro and BWF 70 AMC Rebel Machine I'll sell you for $10.00 shipped.
rozy51 said:
I have a BWF 69 Camaro and BWF 70 AMC Rebel Machine I'll sell you for $10.00 shipped.
Sent you an email. Thanks!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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