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Black with Flames help

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About a week or so ago someone came up with the great idea that everyone should post pics of their BWF collection. Saw a bunch of neat cars and, despite originally not being a huge flames guy, got the bug to grab some. Was wondering if I could get some help filling in the gaps of what I have. Outside of the BWF Street Freaks (Mustang, VW Samba Bus, El Camino, Camaro...hmm, wonder if anyone has a picture of a WL version :D ...and AMC Machine), what else is out there? This is what I've got plus the series:

57 Chevy Nomad - Thunderwagons
32 Ford Hi Boy - Retro Rods
77 Chevy G20 - Boogie Vans
75 AMC Hornet - American Glory
2002 PT Cruiser - PT Cruisers

I'm guessing there has to be one from the Willy Gassers series & thought I saw a woody version, and I saw one in the JLCC club store (55 Chevy, I think). What else am I missing??

Thanks in advance for the help!

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boogie vans-ford econoline 150
pt cruiser 2002 plastic tires and with rr tires
import heat honda accord
willys gassers maryann harmons car
hot rod magazine 1971 plymouth road runner
these are ones ive added to the collection
Well this is what i have, there is a 55 Badman that is black with flames maybe 2, I know there are several more but i don't have them !!

This is a Lexmark release !

In the willys Gassers series this is the only Black w/ Flames that I now of !

10th Ann, Visious Vette
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just found one more to add to it 2003 lightning fest 1959 cadillac eldorado convertible
1 of 1000 made
Bob Justbob said:
Wyatt put this together recently. http://www.dansdiecast.com/wyatt/bwf.html

Bob :thumbsup:
your ultimate JL reference site just raised the bar!!!! :thumbsup:

.....can someone give me a boost? :cool:
oh yeah,Wyatt....You need to add the club exclusive 55 and the 2004 Holiday 55 Chevy to those lists
If you have a KB by you, it would be worth checking out. The Woodies & Panels series has hit the one by me at 3 for $5.
RobDog said:
oh yeah,Wyatt....You need to add the club exclusive 55 and the 2004 Holiday 55 Chevy to those lists
Thanks for the kudos! I do have a couple more I need to add.

Did you see the other flamed cars? There's a link at the bottom of that page to them.
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