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Bismark Battleship

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Yesterday on the history channel that had a show that told the history of the Bismark and during the show I was thing id I could build a model of it and turn it into one like the Space Cruiser Yamato.
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I'll try to get a photo with the winds open .
If I get the photo is will be the 19th before I can upload it.
My camera that I use to take photos of my models is a canon A620 and after I have to edit them, the size is less than the 500K limit.

as the photo of the ship was taken with me standing a cross the room, and after editing it, I get what you see.

Here is one that might bea tiny bit bigger.let me know if you can see it better.
Yes, that is a bit bigger. Looks cool.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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