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Bismark Battleship

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Yesterday on the history channel that had a show that told the history of the Bismark and during the show I was thing id I could build a model of it and turn it into one like the Space Cruiser Yamato.
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that gives me some idea of what I may hat to do, as you can see in the pic I uploaded there's a lot I have ti think about. the one thing that I would have to work on is how to make the same kind of wings that they used on the Yamato.
Your picture is very small, it's hard to tell what you mean. Perhaps you can get it larger like post #13 from paulhelfrich's picture.
My camera that I use to take photos of my models is a canon A620 and after I have to edit them, the size is less than the 500K limit.

as the photo of the ship was taken with me standing a cross the room, and after editing it, I get what you see.

Here is one that might bea tiny bit bigger.let me know if you can see it better.
Yes, that is a bit bigger. Looks cool.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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