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Bismark Battleship

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Yesterday on the history channel that had a show that told the history of the Bismark and during the show I was thing id I could build a model of it and turn it into one like the Space Cruiser Yamato.
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I'll have to go to the hobby shop, but it will not happen until I get a dial-a-ride to the Bus stop for the Bus that goes down the road to the next city.
it was something that as I watched the History channels show and with the Yamato that sits on top of my T.V. the idea of doing something like the Yamato came to me. I would have to see what the hobby show Lancaster has on stock and what the prices are like. it will be at lest a month before I can go. so for now I'll judt do some thinking about the project.
The problem with that idea is, will they have the Bismark in stick when you get there???? Might want to call ahead first and ask if they have it in stock before you make the trip.
the last time I was there (2 weeks ago) I had not even had the idea yet, but I did notice one Bismark model on a shelf. as that shore is the only one for Lancaster with the next one down in Palmdale , I have to go to the Lancaster one for anything I have to get and they as a rule have a good stock of models, they are part of a chain of hobby shops. I'll need to call them, but as it will be the first before I ca go, I'll just try to make a few small drawings for the projuct.
that one kit does give me some ides of what need to be done. Only thing I wold have to may be change would be the wings for the model, I'd have to look over my yamato model and see if some how I could used something like it.
this pic will give you an idea of what I want to do for a Bismark model.
that gives me some idea of what I may hat to do, as you can see in the pic I uploaded there's a lot I have ti think about. the one thing that I would have to work on is how to make the same kind of wings that they used on the Yamato.
I've not done anything yet, my Dremel tool got wiped off. I have made a order to an online servic for a new on. It should be here by this weekend, then all I have to do is see if the hobby shop has a model I can work on.
My camera that I use to take photos of my models is a canon A620 and after I have to edit them, the size is less than the 500K limit.

as the photo of the ship was taken with me standing a cross the room, and after editing it, I get what you see.

Here is one that might bea tiny bit bigger.let me know if you can see it better.
I'll try to get a photo with the winds open .
If I get the photo is will be the 19th before I can upload it.
1 - 10 of 22 Posts
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