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Bismark Battleship

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Yesterday on the history channel that had a show that told the history of the Bismark and during the show I was thing id I could build a model of it and turn it into one like the Space Cruiser Yamato.
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The 1/350Academy and Tamiya are decent kits, but they do show their age a bit. I wouldn't call them toys though. They are impressive when built.

Some good reviews here:


But with the Revell offering available, there is no reason to buy the old very toylike kits. The Revell kit even has clear parts for the windows on the motor launches.
Sure there is, if you don't want to spend $100! I agree, the revell is a nice kit, its a very nice kit. But not everyone wants to drop $100 on a kit.

I've seen the Bismarck go for $25 on ebay. And if you were going to kitbash it as the original poster stated, why buy $100 kit to bash it up?

I've got a Tamiya in the stash. It's a nice kit, even for 40 years old. Looks pretty impressive when built. Toss in a photo etch set, and it'll look really nice.

Yes, the reviews were likely written before the Revell kit was out, but for years, the tamiya kit was it, some would say a little under detailed (remedied with a photo etch set), but in all that time, I never heard it called toy like (or mentioned in any of those reviews)

I wouldn't call it toy like, the revell box scale Fletcher...now that's toy like.
You can get the nice old Tamiya kit on Amazon brand new, free shipping for $70.

The cheapest I've seen the revell online new in the box is $90

If you shop ebay, you can find the Tamiya 2nd hand (but still new, unbuilt in the box) for as low as $25, heck recently a partially built Bismarck, and unbuilt triptiz sold for about $20!

It all depends on what you want. Want the uber detailed, new kit, and $$ is not an issue, go with the revell.

Want to save some money, and get a kit that fits well, builds relatively easily (although not as detailed as the revell), get the Tamiya.

Want to go dirt cheap, and get a kit to bash into some Sci-fi thing....get the academy, or the lindberg!

I'm never one to discredit old kits, there are some real gems out there....just because it may have a "toy like" feature does not mean its junk...or a toy. There are many cases where the older kits are more accurate (although maybe not as detailed) as the newer kits. For example...the trumpeter USS hornet, nicely detailed kit, but the hull is way off. The old revell box scale kit, although less detailed, is much more accurate in hull shape than the newer more detailed standard scale Trumpeter kit.

The revell Bismarck kit is a gem, but the tamiya still holds up reasonably well, and can be picked up for half the cost if you shop around.

it all depends on what you are looking for.
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