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Bismark Battleship

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Yesterday on the history channel that had a show that told the history of the Bismark and during the show I was thing id I could build a model of it and turn it into one like the Space Cruiser Yamato.
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The thing is with this approach, is that if you compare the Space Cruiser Yamato to the real battleship, its 100% different. It isn't as easy as just taking a stock ship kit and adding fins to the tail.

The best Bismarck kit by far is the newish Revell Germany kit. But at over $100 do you want to butcher it up? Tamiya and Academy have some motorized pool toy Bismark kits.
The Tamiya kit came out close to 40 years ago and the Academy kit is a copy of the Tamiya kit. Both are/were motorized. Until the new Revell kit came out (before those reviews were written) they were the only way to go for a big Bismarck. But with the Revell offering available, there is no reason to buy the old very toylike kits. The Revell kit even has clear parts for the windows on the motor launches.
In any case it will pay to shop around since the Tamiya Bismark has a US MSRP the same as the Revell kit... The price on the Tamiya 1/350 kits has crept up in the last few years to be between $99 and $150 for the old motorized kits and $200+ for the new ones.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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