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Ok everyone,

Here comes one of the most waited for opportunities ever for 44" Eagle parts......EVER!!!!!! This has always been one of the hardest parts to acquire when building any 44" Eagle replica from Space:1999, I'm sure you will all agree!

Anyone who wants a COMPLETE set of engine bells for a 44" Eagle replica, here's your chance. What makes these different than any other available offerings is, these will be a COMPLETE set of all 28 engine bells which will consist of the following:

Four main rear engine bells. The original two piece design (a first)
8 underside VTOL bells in the proper two different sizes (another first)
All 16 attitude thrusters for the landing pods!
could consist of the four sensor dishes for the Command Module!

All turned from aluminum stock on a CNC lathe to match the original 44" Eagle engine bell dimensions EXACTLY!

We needed a minimum order of twelve to make this happen and we've surpassed that. Now that it is absolutely positive it's gonna happen, we can also add anyone who wants these to the list.

The best part of this entire deal is they will only be $295.00 US dollars per 28 bell set and, of course, this could go down some if the numbers are there! That's just a little over half price compared to ANY OTHER OFFERED ENGINE BELLS!

Another PLUS, if that's not enough for y'all, is your bells will be ready for delivery in just a few short weeks. The only hold up will be waiting to see how many folks are interested in these to get on the order list.

The only drawback here is, these runs will be done on a mass order basis, so if you don't at least get on this list, there will be no telling when there will be another order placed, if there is one.

Either reply to this thread, PM me or send me an e-mail, just let me know if your interested 'cause this is gonna happen soon.....with you or without you, so don't miss this one! This offer comes to everyone courtesy of the Space:1999 Modelers group and is just the beginning of the help we plan to provide!

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