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Good racing on Wednesday at Big Dog RC
Race results for Wednesday 3/1/2017

Spec Sprint
Terry Blake,Ryan Mahle,Bubba Mayo

Sportsman Oval
Joel McCloskey,Jake McCloskey,Ryan Mahle

Unlimited Oval
Kevin Leitem,Jeff Lockhart,Dewey McCauley

Pro 2wd 17.5 Buggy
Dan Drexler,Ron Kautchick,Ryan Sanders

Offroad 4x4 SC TK
Andy Bour,Ben VanDyke,Rich Rankin

Pro 1-8 Offroad Buggy
James Hubbard,Ben VanDyke,Ryan Sanders

Pro 1-10 4wd Buggy
Dan Drexler,Andy Bour,James Hubbard

Mod Lite
Dave Hartz,Rick Robbins,Robby Boring

2wd Spec Oval
Mike Konnerth,Hovers,Rick Robbins

2wd Mod Oval
Jeff Lockhart,Dewey McCauley,George Lukasko
3461 - 3461 of 3461 Posts