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Big Bucks Race at Thunder Road, VA

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The first big race under the new (boy, and howdy) management will be the 2004 Virginia Oval Champioships; and will be held November the 27th. This will be a "big bucks" race; complete with trophies and prizes.
Classes will be Mini-T Stock; Mini-T Modified (both run under local rules); and (under strict ARCOR Rules *for the cars*) the following 1:10 scale classes: Legends; Spec; Stock; and 19-Turn Open.

Questions should be addressed to "[email protected]"; or this Forum. More later. Thanks to all; Ernie P. :cool:
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Date Change

Sorry about the change, Guys; but I've agreed to change the date of the big race at Thunder Road; to avoid going "back-to-back" with another race.

The "2004 Virginia Oval Championships" will be held on December 4th; at Thunder Road RC Speedway, in Gordonsville, VA.

Classes will be 19-Turn Open; Stock; Spec; Legends; Mini-T Stock; and Mini-T Modified. We will be running *strict* ARCOR rules for all classes except Mini-T's. We'll run local rules for the Mini-T's.

Be aware ARCOR rules require SPEC tires for both SPEC Class and Legends. And watch the minimum roof height for all classes.

Our Mini-T classes are Stock and Modified. Stock means *STOCK*; as in the way the danged thing came out of the box!!! And yes, that means you run the stock body, transmitter and 4 AA batteries, too.) Modified means that you basically "run what ya brung"; 6 cell battery max. No stiff "rollover" antennas in any class.

I'm putting up over $600.00 in GUARANTEED prize money; or 1/2 of race entry fees, whichever is GREATER; plus trophies and plaques; and door prizes.

Race entry fee is $30.00 for the first class; $5.00 less for each successive class. IOW, $30.00; $25.00; $20.00; etc.

The first 35 entries are guaranteed a pit spot. Sign up ahead of time, or arrive early. After that, you may wind up working out of your car.

I have also scheduled our first ARCOR race, the "Snowbirds Warmup", for Saturday, January 15, 2005. The "friends" race for those who help out in the re-hab is still on.

For details, contact me on this forum or at [email protected]. More later; Ernie P. :cool:
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Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Thunder Road will be open tomorrow friday the 3rd of december all day from 9am till late. so, get your practice cause the b main is fast and the a is ballistic as found in recent races. get ready to show me the money! :thumbsup:
I stopped by the track today and there was already a lot of racers there getting a head start. Should be some good racing on Saturday!!!
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