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Best-Box began producing diecasts in 1959, 1962 or 1963 (depending on the source) in the southern Limburg province of the Netherlands. Among their first vehicles offered were a set of 1960s Formula One cars that including Ferrari, Brabham, Honda, Lotus, and Cooper Maseratti racers. They also made a Citroen Dyan sedan, the DAF 600 and several versions of the Ford Model T. Early street cars had grey wheels. Two of the F1 race cars were also marketed under the Dinky Toy brand.

In the 1960s, as the coal mines in the Limburg province began to be closed by the DSM (The Dutch State Mines) they began to place their former workers in the local auto factories of DAF and Nedcar in Born. This program was backed by the The 'Fons Sociale Instellingen' (FSI), a Dutch program for displaced coal mine workers during the 1960s. They also developed work opportunites for them to transition into at Best-Box. Their initial diecast offerings kept the Best-Box name. But, as new models began to be introduced, the brand name was changed over to efsi Toys in 1971. Efsi was located in Heerlen, the Netherlands, in the southern Limburg province. Efis is the phonetic pronunciation of FSI in Dutch.

In the early 1990s as the FSI program was phased out. They again changed their name to Holland Otto and developed a new series of 1:90 scale trucks and buses called "Rev Wheels". Many of the molds Efsi used were made by a company in Portugal (Pilan?), though the castings themselves were made in the Netherlands Continued castings carried the Efsi brand. But new models such as the DAF cab had the Holland Oto brand.

EFSI products were also available under the names of Little Toys and Leotec.

In the US, they were available from Bayshore Industries, Boyd and other unnamed distributors.

There most popular offering has been the 1919 Ford Model T. Holland Otto was still using this casting in 2006 for their promotional offerings.

In the 1980s, Universal made the diecasts used in the Efsi "Super Wheels" series.

Around 1988, as the FSI program was being phased out. The company name was again changed to Holland Oto which is still in operation today making models of modern trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles. They are now located in Weert.

Holland Oto is associated with Dutch AHC, which ties them to JOAL and Pilen enterprises in Spain. In 1980, Pilen S.A. introduced new refined castings of efsi Toys Model Ts and other HO scale trucks. Holland-Oto is also affiliated with (or owns) Universal Hobbies' Motorart diecast cars and construction vehicles, HiSpeed diecast classic vehicles, ROS and Kids' Globe Farming toys.

In 2002, a promotional Mercedes Benz delivery truck was offered by PP Models (Holland) at Hema department stores. The truck was thought to be made by Holland Oto

Revwheels 200 Series (1:64 Scale Race Cars)
#205 McLaren Formula 1 (M7A) 3L -1969 to ?;

Revwheels 300 Series (1:64 Scale Trucks)
#304 Mercedes-Benz Truck - 1971 to ?:

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