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Being Friendly Pays...

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Went out shopping with the little woman today and had a bit of luck at a wally. Noticed a case of hotwheels sitting on a cart not to far from a roomy display rack. Asked the girl stocking if she was going to put it out and if so I would put them out for her. She walked over cut it open and went on to other stock. Pulled five mysteries and a DD Thunt. SWEEEETTTTTT :thumbsup: One of the myseries was the nice red w/Flames Bonneville
Made for a cool day
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Yes, being nice does pay. Good for you and congrats on the finds.
Good for you John. Still need one of those. Will be nice to see some newer cars even if it means not finding a TH. I have seen ONE case of newer cars than those that were at the KDay after Thanksgiving. And those were raided pretty good by the time I saw them. :freak:
Kindness does indeed have it's rewards :) :thumbsup:
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