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Bburago started out in 1974 as Martoys in Burago di Molgora, Italy. It was founded by Mario, Ugo, and Martino Besana. Ugo and Martino had peviously founded Mebetoy in 1960, which they subsequently sold to Mattel in 1968. Mario had just joined his brothers at Mebetoys in 1967 shortly after they started producing diecst cars in 1966. The Bburago brand name (always with 2 Bs, is often incorrectly spelled with just one B) first appeared in 1976. Mario is given credit for founding Bburago. It is thought the 2 Bs stand for Besana and Burago. During this transition period you can find castings with either Martoys or the Bburago name on their base.

Martoys started out making 1:24 scale models. They are also known as the first manufacturer to build in 1:18 scale with their "Diecast Diamonds" series that followed. Simplier designed 1:43 castings then came next. Castings in the 1:43 scale range and up were (and still are) often available in kit forms as well. Bburago also made a series of 1:87 sized "Portachiavi" (key chain/ring) castings of many of the models found in their 1:18 line up.

The most desirable of the earliest Bburago castings and consideed the rarest of the early castings are the Lancia Beta Sedan (1:24) and the Innocenti Mini (1:24), produced only for a few years in the mid-1970's.

Around 2004 they revived the Polistil brand name and issued Realtoy made casting under it.

In October 2005, they went bankrupt and were acquired by May Cheong (Maisto). The decision by Fiat to give Mattel exclusive rights to make Ferrari castings is thought to be the driving force behind ther bankruptcy. Under the May Cheong Group, and their Maisto brand name castings were no longer produced in Itally. Existing BBurago models continued to be made along side rebranded Maisto models and other newly designed castings. And in the spirit that Karma always wins. , as of January 2015,Bburago now holds the exclusive contract with the Fiat Group as the maker of Ferrari models.

Very few designer references are ever attributed in the diecast world. Charles Hepperle is one of those noted for Bburago. Before joining Maisto International, Inc., (USA) the importer of May Cheong products as a designer of packaging and catalogs in 1999, he had previously worked for Intex Recreation (USA), the importer for MC Toys, Zylmex (and their related brands of Zee Toys). He also worked in the licensing department for Bburago.

In 2016, Bburago announced the return of their 1:18 Ferrari casting line up thought lost in the 1990s. They had found the molds in Milan and the first two castings to be remade were anticipated to be the F40 and 250 GTO in Ferrari Rosso Corsa.

In 2019, you can still find Bburago castings primarily in 1:18, 1:24 and 1:43, nominal scale ranges at many different commercial locations around the world.

Known Series Names

HAT - - (1:24), Bburgo's first series aka Hobbies and Toys
1000 Miglia Collection - (1:24)
Super - (1:18)
1/18 Diamonds- (1:18)
1/18 Gold - (1:18)
1/18 KIT Collezione- (1:18) - model kits
1/18 Plus - (1:18)
1/24 Bijoux - (1:24)
1/24 Kit Bijoux - (1:24) - model kits
1/24 KIT Collezione - (1:24) - model kits
1/24 Super Collection - (1:24)
1/43 Kit Collezione - model kits
Bburago - (1:24)
Bburago 1/32
Bburago 1/32 Plus
Bburago 1/64 - (1:54 to 1:58), most castings are from the Maisto 1/55 series line up such as All Stars, G-Ridez, Pro Rodz, etc
Bburago HAT
Bijoux Collection
Cycle Collezione - a series of scooters and motorcycles
Diamond Collezione
Emergency Force
Gold Collezione -
Moto Kit Collezione - motorcycle model kits
Race And Play - (2015 to ?) play set dio package with accesseries featuring a cating with lights and sound
Ferrari Kids (2015)
Racing (2015)
Rally Collezione
Star Collezione - (1:24)
Street Classics Collection
Street Fire
Street Tuners Collection - (1:24)
Vip Collection
Ferrari Signatue Line - (2015) (1:43),
Ferrari Original Series - (2016 to today), Ferraris of course
Bb Junior - (2017 to today), pre school age oriented vehicles

Attributed resources -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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