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1) Read the manual, FIRST

2) Your RTR car or truck still needs metal-metal screws to be Loctite'd and tires glued onto the rims. Verify the screws have threadlocker on them and that the tires are properly glued to the rims.

3) Nitro cars take a lot of maintenance. High vibration levels from the single cylinder engine are constantly at work loosening things. So after a day of running your nitro car/truck, clean it up. Wipe it down, blow the dirt and crap off with motor spray or denatured alcohol. Go over the screws everywhere and snug them up. Re-oil and bearings, linkages, etc.

4) ALWAYS use after run oil in your engine after finishing running for the day. Pull the glow plug, add about a dozen drops of after run oil, reinstall the glow plug and pull the engine thru slowly a couple of times. Drain any unused fuel from your tank in the car, and dispose of it.

Nitro cars are exotic, high performance machines. They require maintenance just like full size race cars. In return for good maintenance, they will reward you with hours of high performance fun!

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