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OK. First we had Yellow. Then Green, Orange, Red, and Blue. But where's the love for Basic Black? It can be anything from stately and formal to deep, dark, and sinister. It can be super-sporty, or downright decrepit in the form of primer on a beater or project car. To me, Black means one thing: Dale Earnhardt, "The Man In Black" So I'll kick this thing off with one of The Man's most famous rides, from 1988, the first year for his famous black cars, the first year for G.M.Goodwrench as his primary sponsor:

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I think a chartreuse thread should be next.
Get on it deputy corvair.
I'll see what I can come up with, Bricky! If someone starts that one, I'll chime in with this Corvair Astro 1 Show Car... :

Until then, I'll stick with this'n in this basic Black thread:

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Both hearses are Johnny Lightning castings. The one with purple curtains is from the James Bond 40th Anniversary release 2. The one with white curtains is from Wicked Wagons release 1.
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