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First off, here are the unit specifics....

Craftsman Model 580.752700 Pressure Washer
2500 PSI
Briggs and Stratton 6.75 hp motor
Model 129602
Type 0113 E1
Code 040426 FA 120000

I had it running a couple months ago when I put it away, but something is wrong with it now. After yanking on it forever, pulling the plugs to dry them off a few times because it was flooded, finally got it going (barely). It started and then idles (barely) for a few minutes before quitting. I tried the normal things (new plug, new gas, etc) but a metallic "clunk", backfiring out the carb, and a fouled plug after running for less than 2 min gave me an idea that something mechanical inside isn't right. So I pulled the rocker cover off and I believe something is wrong with the exhaust valve. While slowly turning the motor over and holding my finger on the end of the rocker arm while it moves up and down, I can feel that something isn't smooth. I thought it might be a bent push rod or a sticky valve, or maybe a problem with the Cam. I've never torn the head off a motor, but before I do, can someome please tell me what I need to check for? I just don't want to tear it all down, just to have someone who knows what they're doing tell me that I should have checked this thing or that thing before pulling the head.

thanks for any help or suggestions.
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