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hey all :wave:

i w/ concerned w/ i bought my Green Hornet & Batmobile 1/32 kits...
the schematic of parts on the back showed the pinion gear already
installed on the motor shaft....

in the c-through windows it is NOT installed......
HOWEVER after calling Tom, he assured me that the PART is IN the kit..

(@ $50 each, i wasn't going 2 open the kit until i knew 4 SURE :thumbsup:)

"IF" 4 some unforseen reason that the gear is NOT in the kit...

Tom said 2 contact him/AW 4 a replacement.....

SO,... a little "FYI" here, & go get-'em gang!!!! :thumbsup:

Bubba 123 :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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